Digital Signage
Made Easy
Digital Signage
Made Easy
What is Rasplayer?
Engage new business with a visual experience
Rasplayer is a credit-card-sized device that plugs into the HDMI port of any display.
Once plugged in, content management is simple.
Digital signage made easy
Use our website to access your online user-friendly dashboard and manage
your screens in real-time or schedule content for a later date.
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Key Features
Ensure your time-sensitive content and messages reaches your audience at the right time and place.
Cloud based
Update and preview your display via our secure, SSL-encrypted servers. Use our website to customize and push your content from any device.
Rasplayer supports all types of RSS feeds, video, image, and file formats. Deliver messages and display content your way.
Scheduled Broadcasting
You can schedule everything. You decide how often you want to manage or update your display.
Easy Setup
The setup literally takes no longer than 5 minutes. Plug Rasplayer into your TV and get going right away.
Custom Layout
Use the templates we have available for you or create your own. Create playlists and easily manage what content and messaging goes where.
Getting Started
Rasplayer to your TV using a HDMI cable
Rasplayer to the Internet through a LAN or Wi-fi connection
Login to and start customizing and
uploading your content
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Meet our clients
Rasplayer helps the industry leaders deliver a visually engaging experience to millions of customers in real-time
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